Introducing mobile QWERTY
TREWGrip Patent Pending
The TREWGrip™ Mobile Dock is a handheld keyboard, air mouse and game controller for your mobile technology, smart TV and desktop computer. The standard QWERTY key layout is split and rotated so your hands can grip TREWGrip and touch-type in a mobile setting.

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The next evolution in typing
By maintaining the QWERTY key layout, typists can quickly transfer their skills from a traditional keyboard to TREWGrip and begin typing more ergonomically.
TREWGrip Handle Colors
Select small, medium or large rubber handgrips in black, blue, red or TREWGrip green.
Cincy Typing Challenge
Eight qualifiers were given five days to practice with TREWGrip before competing against each other and McGurrin’s 98 WPM for a Grand Prize of $5,000. Robert Price typed 115 WPM with TREWGrip to win the Cincy Typing Challenge.
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