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Research & Development Kits
TREWGrip - Research & Development Kit
R&D Kits include a Mobile Dock unit, a set of small, medium and large handgrips, a set of small and large docking plates, and a micro-USB charging cord with wall plug. The Mobile Dock unit is a high-fidelity prototype designed to work with existing technology platforms, and is intended for research, development and training purposes. To learn more about our research and development efforts, please click here.
TREWGrip Mobile Dock (MD03)
A handheld keyboard with built-in air mouse and game controller capabilities that works with mobile devices, desktop computers and AR/VR technology. Visual cues on the front allow non-touch-typists to locate the keys on the back using hand-eye coordination. While holding the Mobile Dock, a user can control mouse movement and game interactions by simply tilting and turning the device. With its universal dock and Bluetooth HID connectivity, the Mobile Dock supports various technology platforms while offering a uniform user experience.
Front View
Front View
Back View
Back View
Profile View
Profile View
Front View with Smartphone
Front View with Smartphone
Front View with Mini Tablet
Front View with Mini Tablet
LED Indicator Keys
When a typing key on the back is pressed, the corresponding indicator key on the front illuminates. This helps the user easily locate the typing keys on the back using hand-eye coordination.
LED Indicator Keys
Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery
Keep the lithium-ion battery charged with a micro-USB charging cord. With up to 15-hours of battery life, you'll have plenty of time to put TREWGrip to the test.
Multiple Device Pairings
Pair up to 3 devices simultaneously for instant switching between Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS Bluetooth HID-enabled technology.
LED Indicator Keys
Docking Plates
Docking Plates
Attach mobile devices (up to 5.3" wide), using a suction/magnetic mount and Bluetooth connection, for usability testing and end-user pilots.
Sizable Handgrips
Designed to fit different size hands and user preferences, R&D Kits include one set of small, medium and large silicone handgrips.
Hand Grips
Technical Specifications
Size (length x height x depth):
12.05 in (306 mm) x 5.87 in (149 mm) x 2.05 in (52 mm)
1lb (450 grams) without handgrips
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth Range:
up to 30 meters line-of-sight
Battery Type:
built-in lithium polymer
Battery Life:
up to 15 hours of continuous usage (up to 500 hours on standby)
Battery Recharge Time:
2 hours with supplied 1A wall charger
Charging Port:
USB Micro B
Maximum Docking Size:
devices up to 5.54 in (140 mm) wide
Maximum Recommended Docking Weight:
3lbs with supplied large docking plate
Air Mouse Screen Resolution:
single monitor with resolution up to 4000 x 4000
Game Controller:
three degrees of freedom (up/down, left/right, forward/back)
Operating Systems Supported:
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Connectivity Requirement:
Bluetooth HID 2.0+ compatible system or device
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