TREWGrip User Guide

This User Guide provides an overview of TREWGrip's features and functionality, and includes details on how to operate your unit. Click here to download a PDF version of this User Guide.


  • 1. Connect the USB Charging Cable to the USB Wall Adapter
  • 2. Plug the USB Wall Adapter into a standard wall outlet
  • 3. Connect the USB Charging Cable to the Micro USB port on the top of TREWGrip

Please note: TREWGrip needs approximately 4-hours to fully charge

Power On/Off

  • Power On: press the left or right-mouse button
  • Power Off: press the Func key, and then press the S key

Please note: TREWGrip will automatically power off after 10-minutes of inactivity


TREWGrip connects via Bluetooth (2.0 or higher) to a variety of computers/devices using the HID (Human Interface Device) Specification. For pairing instructions, please refer to the operating manual for your computer/device. If a security code is required during the pairing process, enter “1234”.

TREWGrip is automatically discoverable on pairing channel 1, as indicated by the slow flashing green light when you power on TREWGrip for the first time. Once paired, the pairing indicator for channel 1 will switch to solid green.

To change pairing channels (1, 2 or 3):

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Press the up-arrow or down-arrow button

If a device is already paired on a channel, the pairing indicator will flash fast. To reconnect to a previously paired to device, press the left-mouse button.

To disconnect a pairing:

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Press the D key (once pressed, the pairing indicator will flashfast)

To delete a pairing:

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Press the Del button (once pressed, the pairing indicator will flashslow)

Operating Modes

Your TREWGrip mobile dock has Keyboard/Mouse and Keyboard/Gaming operating modes.

To toggle operating modes:

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Press the Tab key

Please note: when you toggle to Keyboard/Mouse mode the K and M indicators will illuminate, and Keyboard/Gaming mode the K and G indicators.

Air Mouse

TREWGrip uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to control mouse movement, and can be configured for absolute movement (default) and relative movement (required for Android devices and multiple monitors).

To toggle absolute/relative movement:

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Press the Backspace key

When configured for absolute movement, the mouse pointer will need to be centered (or calibrated) to a neutral position while holding TREWGrip. Please note that the neutral position will change based on how you are using TREWGrip (standing/sitting).

To center the mouse pointer for absolute movement:

  • 1. Press the Func key
  • 2. Hold TREWGrip in a neutral position (comfortable position)
  • 3. Press the Enter key

Docking Plates

Small and large docking plates, with adhesive backing, are included for docking a smartphone, phablet or mini-tablet onto TREWGrip. Adhere the small docking plate to your smartphone, and large docking plate to your phablet or mini-tablet.

Important: after adhering a docking plate to your smartphone, phablet or tablet, please wait 24-hours before docking your device onto TREWGrip. This will give the adhesive sufficient time to cure. If your device is in a case, please note that the case will affect how securely your device is docked onto TREWGrip. We strongly recommend that you test how secure your device is docked, using a soft surface like a pillow, before routine use. If you have any questions, please contact TREWGrip Support.

Function Reference

The following is a comprehensive list of the functions that can be accessed using the FUNC key. Please refer to the instructions above for more details on commonly used functions.

Soft Restart
Enter Bootloader
FUNC + up-arrow
Change Bluetooth Pairing Channel
FUNC + down-arrow
Change Bluetooth Pairing Channel
Disconnect Bluetooth Pairing
FUNC + Del
Delete Bluetooth Pairing
FUNC + Tab
Toggle Keyboard/Mouse and Keyboard/Gaming Modes
FUNC + left-mouse
Toggle Keyboard+Mouse+Gestures, Keyboard+Gestures and Keyboard Only Modes
FUNC + Backspace
Toggle Absolute and Relative Mouse Modes
FUNC + right-mouse
Toggle Mouse Y Direction
FUNC + Enter
Set Center Position of Mouse Pointer (Absolute Mouse Mode)
Display Version Number
Toggle LED Test Mode On/Off
Toggle LED Brightness Level
Power Off

Learning TREWGrip

Please visit for instructions and exercises that will help you transition your touch typing skills to TREWGrip. Although results will vary, most touch-typists can learn TREWGrip within 1-hour.


If you require technical support, please e-mail or call 1-800-984-9346. Support hours are Monday – Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.